A fascinating talk with Mark Hunter, MCC

In this fascinating talk, Mark Hunter, MCC and founder of Pinnacle Coaching, discusses his capacity as a human, his travels around the world, and LEACHES!  He also discusses the relationship between mastery and humility, what coaching actually is, and his amazing book on leadership!  Mark is a great guy and it was an honor to spend time with him.  He can be reached for consolations at mark@pinnacle-coaching.net.

Kim Sutton of Positive Productivity Podcast

Kim Sutton is the creator of the Positive Productivity Podcast, now celebrating over 50,000 downloads.  In this talk, she discusses the Law of Attraction, the power of positivity, the depths or lows that life can take us, her dog, her cats, and her several kids!

A Talk With Dr. Jonathan Mackoff, a Magical Chiropractor and Holistic Healer

As a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Mackoff’s core goal is to help patients achieve total wellness through customized treatment, rather than treating the individual as a category.  He has had his own private holistic practice, Mackoff Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, in Chicago’s River North area for the past 15+ years. He focuses on total body wellness via rehabilitation, training and holistic health care, not only to alleviate symptoms, but to uncover the root cause of the condition.

An Interview With Sabeen Shamsi, a Really Normal, Muslim Woman

In an interesting time in our countries history, with racism flying around all over the place, here is a Muslim woman who just happens to be really funny, relatable, and funny.

Earth to Ice Surfer – Lake Michigan Winter Surfer Tommy Shiminetto Shares his Love for Surfing

Yes, you can surf on a lake.  Yes, it is a brutally cold experience.  Listen to Tommy’s experience of being alive as one of these noble lake warriors.

Ballet is for badasses. A talk with Jennifer Goodman (zenjenyoga.guru), Principal ballerina of the Joffrey Ballet Company for over twenty years

Jennifer Goodman discusses ballet through the lens of professional athleticism, her gifts and talents as a ballerina, the work involved to become successful as a professional dancer, spirituality, yoga, and a lot more.  She is a truly amazing human being and it was an honor to speak with her.