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Got Herpes? Alexandra Harbushka of “Life with Herpes” opens up and takes the stigma away from this insignificant virus

Alexandra Harbushka is the creator of and she is on a mission to educate, entertain and connect the underserved and, often ostracised community of people living with herpes. She is the host of two top ranking podcasts in iTunes, Sex, Money and Food and Life With Herpes. Alexandra is an entrepreneur, a speaker and is breaking the stigma when it comes to Herpes.  This was a great talk as she is a pleasure to be with. 

The Rosary is Cool (Mary talks about Mary)

Mary Goulet is a published author, a successful radio personality, and most importantly a devout Catholic with a mission to bring the Virgin Mary to the people.  In this talk, she discusses the rosary and how cool it is, among many other aspects of the Catholic faith. Thanks so much, Mary, for another fascinating talk.


She can be reached at

Matt Sapaula, AKA “Money Smart Guy,” discusses his heritage, money, investment, choice, spirituality, King Solomon, and what it means to be a warrior

Matt Sapaula, AKA “Money Smart Guy,”  served two tours as a soldier in the marines and was a single father living on $20,000.00/year.  He had $16,000.00 in credit card debt and, in the face of adversity, decided to make different financial decisions that had a positive impact on him and his fellow marines. Matt discusses having control of money vs. it having control of you, among many other things. He now supports former marines and members of the Filipino community in creating business that offer them financial freedom. It was an honor to share this time with him.

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From a Struggling Bartender to Millionaire, Ciji Siddons discusses life, the importance of mentoring and coaching, and the power of choice

From a struggling bartender on the Jersey shore to a top producer in her profession in just two years’ time, Ciji Siddons took control of her life by helping others take control of theirs.  As a a lost and unfulfilled 20something in 2012, Ciji embraced a networking marketing opportunity and has impacted thousands of lives physically, financially, and emotionally by following the call of what truly inspired her.  She now finds her passion in coaching, training, and empowering others live into their own greatness. She reached the milestone of company millionaire at the age of 31, is an ambassador of the Gen Y movement, and has spent the last 6 years showing other’s what is possible with dedication, commitment, and a willingness to take action.

Sharon Belknap, creator of “Tidbits of Love” discusses love, energy, and her project that spreads positivity all over the world

Sharon Belknap, creator of discusses love, energy, and her project that spreads positivity all over the world.  She’s also been creating thoughtful Graphic Design for organizations in San Diego and beyond for over 25 years at

A Talk with Oliver Manalese on coaching, yoga, spirituality, greatness, and fundamental challenges

In this talk, Oliver Manalese discuss his fundamental challenges regarding marketing, yoga, and the simplicity of spirituality.  Oliver’s a great guy, a great coach, and this was a great talk.

An Interview with Sarah Ann Dordel Regarding Kundalini Awakening, The San Diego Business Community, and a Plethora of Other Subjects

Sarah Ann is a person who has changed my experience of being alive.  I had a chance encounter with her in a café a few months ago and has a divine connection we are attempting to describe in this talk. Enjoy!