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David Ross, AKA “The Quitter,” discusses quitting cigarettes for good and his commitment to people quitting all the things that block them!

David Ross is known as “The Quitter,” ( but it was not always this way. For twenty-five years, he struggled with an addiction to alcohol, and for twenty years, he struggled with another addiction to cigarettes. Near to death, he knew that he had to make a change. By 2006 he was homeless, outstaying his welcome with friends and family across the country, just barely scraping by, always looking for a place to live, and continuously looking for his next drink. He had crossed the threshold between issue and problem and landed firmly on the wrong side.

At his lowest point, David was smoking two packs of cigarettes and drinking a fifth of bourbon (the equivalent of 4.5 bottles of wine) every single day. His habits had grown impossible to hide; ultimately preventing him from holding down a job and alienating the people to whom he had grown close.

After landing in an Intensive Care Unit, David did quit and decided to create the global I Finally Quit movement in the process. As the founder of I Finally Quit, David is encouraging people to exorcise their demons and live happy and be free of the chains of substance abuse. As someone who has been there himself, he knows what is holding you back. He knows what an alcohol-free, tobacco-free, drug-free life seems like when you are in the middle of a binge and how liberating a life free from demons can really be.

When David quit, he did so not in a void but by seeking out activities to replace his addictions. He taught himself web development, WordPress, HTML coding, and social media. At the same time, he was developing his skills as a speaker and as a writer, eventually publishing his self-help book I Finally Quit…And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting, in which he takes a candid look at his own life choices and offers advice to people who may find themselves in situations similar to his.

As a speaker, author, and coach, David is telling a story that is already resonating with thousands of people all around the world. He is proud to help people and passionate about making a difference in the world, and making progress of his own all the time, he knows what it takes to make a commitment and then follow through. The impact of David’s work cannot be understated and all he had to do was … quit.

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Giovanna Maimone of J.C.M. Productions discusses acting, improvisation, and her book on understanding the science of energy on all levels

Owner  and  President,  Giovanna  Maimone,  was  born  in  Little  Silver,  New  Jersey  and  knew  from  the  age  of  ten  she  wanted  to  be  in  entertainment.  She  began  studying  acting,  then  attended  a  performing  arts  high  school, and  went  on  to  be  a  theater  major  at  The  University  of  Southern  California  School  of Theater  with  a  BA. She  just  kept  going  with  film;  writing,  directing, producing,  taking  on  other  roles such  as;  assistant  director,  production manager,  production assistant, art department,  wardrobe,  props,  set  design, boom operator,  grip, behind the scene stills and video, and  any  and  everything  that needed  assisting  with  for  the completion  of a  production. She  has  now  added  editing  to  her  many  talents  in  film  making.  You can reach her at