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The Rosary is Cool (Mary talks about Mary)

Mary Goulet is a published author, a successful radio personality, and most importantly a devout Catholic with a mission to bring the Virgin Mary to the people.  In this talk, she discusses the rosary and how cool it is, among many other aspects of the Catholic faith. Thanks so much, Mary, for another fascinating talk.


She can be reached at

Matt Sapaula, AKA “Money Smart Guy,” discusses his heritage, money, investment, choice, spirituality, King Solomon, and what it means to be a warrior

Matt Sapaula, AKA “Money Smart Guy,”  served two tours as a soldier in the marines and was a single father living on $20,000.00/year.  He had $16,000.00 in credit card debt and, in the face of adversity, decided to make different financial decisions that had a positive impact on him and his fellow marines. Matt discusses having control of money vs. it having control of you, among many other things. He now supports former marines and members of the Filipino community in creating business that offer them financial freedom. It was an honor to share this time with him.

You can contact his company at