Monthly Archives: December 2017

Ballet is for badasses. A talk with Jennifer Goodman (, Principal ballerina of the Joffrey Ballet Company for over twenty years

Jennifer Goodman discusses ballet through the lens of professional athleticism, her gifts and talents as a ballerina, the work involved to become successful as a professional dancer, spirituality, yoga, and a lot more.  She is a truly amazing human being and it was an honor to speak with her.

Miguel Chen of Teenage Bottlerocket

Miguel Chen of Wyoming-based punk rock band Teenage Bottlerocket opens about TBR’s “less is more” delivery of punk rock, the experience of consciousness at one of their shows, the loss of beloved drummer Brandon Carlisle, simple spiritual techniques for non-spiritual people, and his new book.  Enjoy!

An Interview with punk rock doctor Daryl Wilson of The Bollwevils

An interview with Dr.  Daryl Wilson, emergency room physician and also lead singer of The Bollwevils.  In it, he discusses his internship at Cook County Hospital, humanness, compassion, uniqueness, and punk rock.  He’s an amazing person.

An interview with the amazing Kathy Metcalf

Kathy Metcalf is a gifted and extraordinary human being.  In this talk she discusses the importance of talking things out and how we subconsciously give clues away about ourselves using language, the difference between masculine and feminine energies, spiritual bypassing, and leaves us with some simple sage advice.

You can contact her at

Linal Harris of

Linal Harris of discusses his personal integrity, what he needed to heal from to create his marriage and family, his African ancestry, lack of identity in the African-American community, and his new, transformational online program. Linal is an amazing dude and it was an honor to share this time with him.

Interview with Rodney Mueller, Founder of the Absent Father Podcast, Drill Sergeant, and Professional Life coach

Founder of STL Coaching, Rodney blends his heartfelt commitment to human fulfillment and a fierce stand for authentic leadership to help individuals and organizations create meaningful change.

Rodney works with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders to create unreasonable success and personal fulfillment. Commensurate with Rodney’s stand for the advancement and professionalism of coaching, Rodney served as the 2014 President of the St Louis Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), current Program Leader in Accomplishment Coaching’s Coach Training Program and holds the Professional Coach Credential (PCC) designated by the ICF.

An interview with Hans Philips, founder of, and a brilliant coach and leader

Hans Phillips provides consulting, training and coaching for clients worldwide. He supports people to discover permanent solutions to long-term challenges. With a focus on sustainable high performance, Hans works to transform people’s mindset, actions and results. He also assists in creating new avenues of communication and empowering relationships. Whether the project is professional or personal, Hans has the experience and ability to create lasting change. Using proven processes, methods and philosophies from the fields of ontology and phenomenology, Hans helps his clients get what they have always wanted. His clients report high levels of satisfaction, fun, joy and empowerment. Those same clients say there is a new and consistent wellspring of freedom and wisdom to draw from in life and work.

In this interview, Hans discusses and describes what ontological coaching is, his amazing marriage and relationship to his wife of 29 years, the differences between masculine and feminine energy, and a host of other topics that come up.

Visit to find out more about him.